Justin Trudeau

Hindsight is better than 20/20, actually

They say that hindsight is 20/20, so when we start looking into people’s past, we see that most of us have been involved in some unsavory things. Justin Trudeau found himself in this predicament when pictures of him wearing blackface showed up from 2001. So, in true Justin Trudeau fashion, he apologized when he went on the Jessi Cruickshank’s show. His apology included talking about how he didn’t know back then that it was offensive. And this, is the $60 million dollar question: 

“If we dig into everyone’s past, what will we find?”

How far is too far?

If you ever watch old movies, you’ll notice that some of the themes, conversations, and character portrayals are somewhat out of date. In fact, there are countless things in our culture that don’t mesh well with today’s “inclusivity culture”. People are working hard to rectify this, but where do we draw the line and how much should we change about our history? Should movies with now-inappropriate themes be banned? Should holidays such as Thanksgiving be… *gasp* cancelled? After all, more and more schools have renamed Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.

Getting things done

There’s a fine line between calling out a hypocrite and realizing that everyone is one, at some point in time. This isn’t to justify poor behavior, but it is asking that we all be a little more cautious. In a world where every piece of bad news is magnified by social media, it’s easy to be divisive and take sides. The comments section probably doesn’t help either. But, in order to get anything done in government, in business, and in global trade, compromises need to be made.

Cooperation, not divisiveness

The hardest pill to swallow isn’t even the hypocrisy that we’re all guilty of, it’s being able to accept a difference in opinion and point of view without immediately painting someone as the enemy. So, good on Justin Trudeau for apologizing and owning up to his blackface fiasco. At the same time, I hope we’re all able to move on from this to tackle larger problems together, like global warming.

Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/justin-trudeau-kids-blackface_ca_5d9ddfc4e4b02c9da04220dc