College football season is in full swing after nearly two months of action. Clemson holds the top spot, but have looked a bit rusty.Alabama is right behind them with a powerhouse offense but not quite the same defense. Three, four and five are occupied by Georgia, Ohio State, and LSU, all of which have a legit shot at the title this year. We know how tough it can be to wait a whole seven days until the next set of games roll around, so here are five must watch college football movies that will help shorten the wait until College Football Saturday. 

Top 5 College Football Movies

  1. “Rudy” – Easily the most recognizable and famous title of all college football movies. The story of Rudy Ruettiger will have you jacked up and in tears at the same time. If you haven’t seen classic of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish walk-on, stop what you’re doing and put it on. 
  2. “The Waterboy” –  One could forget that this hilarious comedy is actually based around college football.. Adam Sandler is absolutely hilarious! There’s nothing that can stop Bobby Boucher when he’s got some tacklin’ fuel, except his mama. Waterboy is a must watch. Oh and the Fonz is in it!
  3. “We Are Marshall” – Its not the Texas Longhorns, but Matthew McConaughey and football seem to go hand in hand. The tragic story of the 37 Marshall football players who died in a plane crash was tributed by their teammates back in 1970, and again by this incredible film in 2006. 
  4. “The Express” – Ernie Davis’ story is chronicled beautifully in this movie, which follows the Syracuse running back as he becomes the first African-American player to win the Heisman Trophy. Dennis Quaid in a spots movie is never too shabby either.
  5. “Horse Feathers” – Here’s one you probably haven’t, and it’s worth a look. A 1932 comedy with references that are still true some 80+ years later. As you’ll see in the clip, a touchdown is scored on a horse-drawn carriage. Why not watch a black and white classic and impress your parents!