Putin Snow

Russia/Nato Background

Ever since the end of the Cold War the US has been the world’s only super-power. Together with its NATO allies and several countries of the Far East, the US has set the global agenda. The only forces that challenge the US and its allies are Russia and China.

Given the situation, it makes sense that Russia would want to destabilize NATO in its desire to weaken the alliance. The New York Times reports that Western security officials recently learned of a Russian intelligence unit. This unit has been at the center of disruption in Europe for at least a decade.

The Intelligence Unit

A campaign, by the clandestine Unit 29155, is believed to be responsible for the killing of a spy from Russia in the UK, the destabilization of Moldova, a poisoning in Bulgaria and a failed government overthrow in Montenegro.

Not much is known about the unit, but western intelligence agencies believe they play a key role in Moscow’s attempts to fight the liberal world order. The Times reports that the existence of Unit 29155 is probably unknown to other Russian intelligence officials.

A retired Russian intelligence officer with knowledge of it has said the unit supports “diversionary missions” and is ready for anything, including bombings and murders. The retired officer also confirmed the authenticity of photos showing the rundown former headquarters of the unit, which apparently housed a variety of weapons. Though the secret group is reportedly elite, it apparently relies on a small budget. More to come.

Source: https://theweek.com/speedreads/870461/previously-unreported-elite-russian-intelligence-unit-apparently-been-working-destabilize-europe