Guyger and Jean's Brother

Amber Guyger, now a former Dallas policewoman, killed her unarmed black neighbor after she stepped into his apartment thinking that it was her own. Guyger, who is white, shot the 26-year-old Botham Jean, an accountant from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, while he was eating ice cream and watching TV last year.  She fired two shots, hitting him once in the chest.

At her trial, Guyger was found guilty of murder. Prior to her sentencing Brandt Jean, the brother of murder victim Botham Jean, made a statement to the court. In it he displayed a rare sense of mercy when he forgave Amber Guyger for her crime. Brandt emphasized how much devastation the murder had caused his family, but he also wanted to use the moment to express his Christian values of mercy and universal love. He spoke to Guyger with a unusual lack of anger and bitterness despite terrible grief, then the two embraced her for an extend time. Everyone was left sobbing including the judge, who shocked the courtroom by agreeing and going to the defense table to talk to Guyger. She give her a Bible and a hug.

Amber Guyger could have been given life in prison. The prosecutor asked for a prison term of 28 years, one for each of the victim’s life. Ultimately, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison.