Instagram Implementing Song Lyrics Options into their Stories

by Eric Bleys

Instagram stories have become increasingly interactive through features such as polls, quizzes and music stickers, the last of which allows for curating content to a soundtrack.  Instagram now allows users to add lyrics to music in their stories. Users can do this by picking a song from the app’s library. The new feature comes as Millennials and generation Z are increasingly posting to stories rather than through a public feed. Billie Eilish promoted a new song through this feature. The new option was launched Thursday, June 6th. 

The new feature will be accessible where Facebook’s music library is available. In the US, Facebook has deals with Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. The new lyrics feature is part of a push by Facebook to expand music tools through its many platforms including Spotify and Apple. The new lyrics option is an exciting expansion of the ability to be self-expressive on the web and culture makers are taking note.

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