Parent Spotlight: Tinybop Apps Bring Interactive Education to Kids

by Eric Bleys

Tinybop creates educational apps for curious kids to understand big ideas. One of Tinybop’s apps The Human Body, provides an interactive way of learning about the body inside and out. The app includes the ability to simulate running and eating. It also allows for close-up views of individual parts of the body; this app allows for systematic explorations of organs, including cross sectional illustrations of the eyeball. The learning method is great for getting kids to think about how to live a healthy lifestyle. The Weather app allows for a similar exploration of systems through individual parts; the app visualizes the molecular events which exist in the weather. The Mammals app allows for an in-depth visual learning experience of the bodies of several different mammals, it works similarly to The Human Body app. The Homes app by Tinybop allows users to explore diverse cultures through homes around the world.

            Teachers can use Tinybop apps to start a unit in their classes; the apps allow students to develop questions independently through a true exploration process. When tags are turned on in the apps, kids can learn vocab in major languages such as French, English, German, Spanish and Chinese. Raul Gutierrez, the founder of Tinybop believes any kids book or app must have an element of strangeness to be successful. Tinybop apps are successful in being strange enough to inspire curiosity. The Tinybop apps are not designed for force-feeding kids with facts, they are designed to inspire curiosity and give kids the chance to learn according to their own interests. There are no instructions in the apps as to how they are supposed to be used, a lot of freedom is given to the user.  The facts are not learned in isolation but as part of an interrelated system. With this method of app building, Tinybop is making it easier for kids to explore knowledge through their own unique passions and interests.

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